Blackened Salmon Grilling Recipe from the CRMR Kitchen

Summer Grilling: Blackened Salmon with Black Bean Salad Recipe

The barbecue is out and by now you have probably grilled up more hamburgers and smokies than you can count. For the self-proclaimed barbecue masters, and for those who can’t get enough of delicious dinners off the grill, this is the perfect time to break away from the ordinary and fire up something delicious, fresh and healthy for your next cookout.  Whether it’s a way to impress your backyard dinner guests, or take a break from the traditional hot dog roast, our Blackened Salmon on the Grill with Black Bean Salad Recipe is sure to turn heads and please taste buds.

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Aside from salmon being a delicious alternative to red meat, this popular fish is loaded with proteins, Omega 3s and much needed levels of Vitamin D – something us Canadians can’t get enough of! Salmon is perfect for all times of year, as it can be cooked a number of different ways and tastes great with a wide range of sides and flavors.

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For this recipe, you will need a cast iron pan and have the option of cooking with it right on the BBQ, an outdoor stove or in the kitchen. Just make sure you have your vent fans turned on high, or cook in a well ventilated area as things are sure to get a little smoky!

Follow along with us to see how this delicious summer recipe can come to life on your plate and be a favourite among your family and friends. Just don’t be surprised when people start asking about your newfound cooking talents!

Blackened Salmon on the Grill

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1 6oz Fresh Salmon Fillet
2 Tsp Olive Oil
1 Jar CRMR Kitchen Blackening Spice


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350°F.
    2. Rub fresh salmon with 1 tsp olive oil and sprinkle on the CRMR Kitchen Blackening Spice. Once blackening spice has been sprinkled on, rub it into the fillet.
    3. Add 1 tsp olive oil to a cast iron pan on high heat. Once the pan is smoking, place salmon in the pan with the presentation side first.
    4. Cook the salmon until a crust forms. Turn the salmon onto the other side and cook for about 1 minute. If you are using the pan on the BBQ, CRMR Kitchen chefs suggest closing the lid during cooking time.
    5. Remove the salmon from pan and cook in oven until medium. The salmon will continue to cook as your plate your dish.
    6. Serve over black bean salad and enjoy.

Black Bean Salad

Black Bean Salad_Mango Pineapple Salsa_CRMR Kitchen_Calgary


1 Jar CRMR Kitchen Mango Pineapple Salsa
¾ Cup Washed and Dried Black Beans OR 2 (15 ounce) cans of black beans
1 Tsp Salt
1 Red Bell Pepper Roasted, Seeded, Peeled and Diced
1 Yellow Bell Pepper Roasted, Seeded, Peeled and Diced
2 Chipotle Chiles in Adobo, Minced
2 Tsp Orange Zest
½ Tsp Fresh Mint – Chopped
1 Tsp Fresh Cilantro – Chopped
½ Cup Baby Spinach Leaves
½ Cup Arugula
2 Tbsp Sherry Vinegar
2 Tbsp Olive Oil


  1. Soak beans overnight in cold water. Cook beans in boiling water until tender. Drain and let cool. Alternatively, use  two cans of black beans and empty into large mixing bowl.
    2. Add the remaining ingredients to the black beans and mix well.
    3. Serve with the Blackened Salmon Fillet.
    4. Garnish the top of the salmon fillet with the CRMR Kitchen Mango Pineapple Salsa.
    5. Enjoy!

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There is no question that the key to a great dish is in the ingredients used, especially those that complement the natural flavors of the protein you are cooking with. For salmon, the trick to obtaining the most outstanding taste is through using a spice that can be rubbed right into the meat and will lock in the flavor from grill to plate.

Blackening Spice_CRMR Kitchen_Calgary

For those in search of the perfect spice for anything from fish, poultry or sea food, the CRMR Kitchen Blackening Spice will make the perfect addition to your spice rack. A favourite among our CRMR Chefs, and used in our restaurants, this little jar packs a powerful punch and elevates the flavor of your favourite protein. Rub into meats or add to sauces to add a wonderful depth of flavor to a dish.

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To freshen up your meal, or to simply enjoy with nacho or pita chips, the CRMR Kitchen Mango Pineapple Salsa is a great way to elevate grilled chicken, shrimp or fish. Made in small batches with the freshest ingredients, this popular salsa is a hit with our chefs and guests alike.

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Its tropical, slightly sweet flavor makes it a wonderful staple to your summer cooking and is a healthy summer snacking alternative.

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No delicious recipe is complete without the perfect bottle of wine from Bin 905 Wines to accompany this delicious recipe. As a wonderful wine to enjoy with salmon, the Cave de Saumur 2014 Les Pouches is full of fruit and nut notes and has a refreshing touch of minerality.

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Now that you have the delicious recipe, the best bottle of wine and are ready for your next backyard feast, stop by Second To None Meats in Calgary to pick up a jar or two of the Blackening Spice and the Mango Pineapple Salsa.

Summer is too short not to take advantage of the great weather, and even better recipes out there. Have fun cooking and we will see you at the grill!

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