Battling the School Lunch Slump with CRMR Kitchen

Battling the School Lunch Slump with CRMR Kitchen

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It’s every parents’ most dreaded part of the school day: packing lunches. The nightmare of constantly trying to pack a nutritious, filling lunch that the kids will actually eat, day after day after day…

There is nothing worse than meticulously packing a lunch, only to open that same lunchbox at the end of the day to find it untouched, leaving your child cranky, hungry and miserable.

As the school months pass by, add the stress of trying to think up NEW ideas to break up the daily lunch monotony. It feels like every sandwich combination has been tried, and your lovely darlings are threatening a lunch strike if one more hummus and veggie wrap is packed in their lunchbox.

So there it is: the dreaded school lunch slump, with no end in sight to the pressure of packing lunches.


CRMR Kitchen Products - Calgary


Luckily, CRMR Kitchen has some easy and creative solutions to the slump-from pizzas and lasagnas, to interesting jams or mac and cheese, there is something for every kid’s palate, and every dish is made with the best ingredients, from scratch, so you know it’s healthy and delicious.


macncheese-CRMR Kitchen


Macaroni and cheese is one staple of almost every kid’s diet. CRMR Kitchen adds lobster and marscapone to make it extra creamy and scrumptious. Add a little travel container of CRMR Kitchen Heirloom Ketchup, and lunch is complete. Even the teachers may be sneaking a sample of this gourmet yet kid-friendly lunch!




Pizza is another staple, and luckily, tastes just as good at room temperature as it does hot. Cilantro’s Tomato Pizza is loaded with delicious fruilano cheese, and made with Cilantro’s signature tomato sauce and pizza crust. The whole family will want a couple slices of this classic pizza in their lunchbox. For more advanced palates, Cilantro’s all-time favourite Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza is a guaranteed lunch time winner too. The mix of sweet and savoury is a delight for all ages.


Mushroom Soup - CRMR Kitchen - Calgary


As the weather cools, put that thermos to good use and send your little ones to school with a nice warm thermos full of Cilantro’s Wild Mushroom Soup.  This rich, hearty soup will warm the kids up, and keep them full until dinnertime. Pair with some crusty bread and you have packed a lunch that will be the envy of all the kids at the lunch table.




For the really picky eaters, or when you are in a huge rush, try out a new jam to liven things up. Pick up a really good, hearty loaf of bread and smear one of CRMR Kitchen’s delicious jams on the bread to make a simple sandwich – the bumbleberry jam and fig and rosemary jam would both make delicious sandwiches, and would also taste divine paired with your child’s favourite cheese.


Buffalo Ranch Chili - CRMR Kitchen - Calgary


There are truly endless possibilities for new lunch ideas, and the very best option may be serving one of the CRMR Kitchen meals for dinner one night, and then sending the kids to school with the left overs the next day-two meals in one simple dish! Just heat, serve, save, repeat.


buffalo-tourtiere-pie - CRMR Kitchen- Calgary

Some nights are too hectic to worry about what’s for dinner, never mind what’s for lunch the next day. That’s when CRMR Kitchen meals can literally save the day – and the next day too. No need to succumb to the school lunch slump. Just stop into Second to None Meats and pick up a bunch of sanity saver meals, as well as some new and exciting jams, and you’ve got countless lunch options to add to your repertoire.

To pick up these items in store, please visit Second to None Meats in Mission and Willow Park or Blush Lane in Aspen Woods and Bridgeland.

Happy cooking!

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