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7 Easy & Cozy Ready-Made Meals

The fall and winter seasons are all about enjoying the crisp air, cuddling up in our warmest sweaters and preparing some of our all-time favourite meals. As we enter the cooler season, we welcome a wealth of hearty, comforting dishes that highlight all of the very best fall ingredients. Whether you’re craving a hearty pasta dish or comforting shepherd’s pie, these ready-made meals from our chefs are perfect for cozy, cold-weather dinners.

These are the meals that feed our bodies and our souls. They trigger memories of childhood. They spark conversation. They make you lean over your plate, take a deep whiff in, and let out a little sigh. They’re the kind of meals that remind you to be thankful and eat as a family. Here are 7 of our favourite ready-made meals to get cozy with!

1. Spaghetti & Elk Meatballs

Instead of opening a box of regular grocery store meatballs or spending an hour preparing your own, our elk meatballs are ready to pop directly on a pan and heat up. Flavourful and lean, elk meatballs are an excellent (and healthier) alternative to beef or pork.

Mix these with our CRMR Kitchen Tomato sauce and some noodles for a game meat twist on a classic dish!

Read more about our Elk Meatballs and CRMR Kitchen Tomato Sauce!

2. Bison Shepherd’s Pie

While shepherd’s pie is the sort of meal that brings a smile to everyone’s face – that meaty, deeply flavourful filling and that golden top crust – our bison shepherd’s pie will have everyone asking for seconds!

This classic with a twist features Bison, layered with corn, carrots, peas and mashed potatoes. Much like the Elk, our Bison is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics on our own Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch on 540 acres of lush rolling foothills. Our animals are grass-fed and roam for 365 days of the year.

See more about our scrumptious Bison Shepherd’s Pie!

3. Beef Tenderloin Meatloaf 

Whether served stuffed between two slices of bread or with a side of mashed potatoes, meatloaf is the quintessential comfort food. Our variation includes hormone-free beef tenderloin, topped-off with chilli tomato sauce for an extra spicy kick to a classic dish.

See more about our Beef Tenderloin Meatloaf!

4. Buffalo Ranch Chilli 

What could be cozier than a hearty bowl of Chili? Especially with ingredients like the hormone and antibiotic free bison, along with the perfect amount of spice. In fact, this chilli is hand-prepared in small catches by our very own CRMR Chefs using fresh, locally sourced vegetables and ingredients to season the Bison to perfection for a mouth-watering taste.

Top off with some freshly grated cheese, mild-jalapenos, a slice of crusty bread and voila! Dinner is served in just minutes.

See more about our Buffalo Ranch Chilli!

5. Butter Chicken 

Forget take-out! This creamy, curried twist on the iconic Butter Chicken is prepared fresh by CRMR Kitchen Chefs, and like our other products, uses all-natural ingredients sourced from local producers. All you have to do is simply bake the chicken thighs, then serve over basmati rice – pair with heated (and buttered) naan bread and your set for a cozy night in!

See more about our CRMR Butter Chicken!

6. Beef Tenderloin Lasagna 

Inspired by a former menu item at Cilantro Restaurant, this unique and delicious lasagna features a blend of five cheeses and flavour-packed beef tenderloin which is sure to please even the toughest dinner-time critics.

This tops the list for being both hearty and convenient. Simply pop in the oven when you get home from work and serve with a salad and dinner is ready to go. Perfect for those feeling pressed for time in the evenings.

See more about our Beef Tenderloin Lasagna!

7. Lobster Mascarpone Mac N’ Cheese

Finally! A homemade Mac n’ Cheese dish that packs the perfect amount of everything you’ve been craving! Gone are the days of bland flavours and soggy noodles, and here comes mac n’ cheese made with fresh lobster chunks, cheese, and the perfect amount of herbs and spices atop mascarpone pasta. Yes, it really does taste as good as it sounds.

Perfect for a quick dinner at home, or for packing for school lunches. For those of us out there that believe in pairing mac n’ cheese (or anything really) with ketchup, try a dollop of our heirloom tomato ketchup for an extra savoury twist.

See more about our Lobster Mascarpone Mac N’ Cheese!

We want you to enjoy your free time and not have to worry about what to prepare for your next meal. Our ready-made products are perfect for those who want to eat right and eat locally but don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen!

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