Hasty, Hearty and Healthy Meals for Families on the Go

Hasty, Hearty and Healthy Meals for Families on the Go

November 4, 2016 by Lauren Category: Dinner, Recipe Tags: delicious, dinner, family, fast, healthy, local, lunch, meals, nutritious

There is no question that life is busy, especially when cooking family meals is thrown into the mix. Not only is it tough to make a meal everyone will agree on, but it’s also hard to make sure that all the proper nutrients and healthy ingredients find their way onto plates around your table.


CRMR Kitchen-Ready Made Meals - Calgary


With all natural and local ingredients, sold right in Calgary, the CRMR Kitchen has a number of simple and creative solutions for families on the go. From pasta sauces, chili and even ready-made meals, parents no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen fussing over complicated recipes.


CRMR Kitchen- Ready-made meals - Calgary


Here are three of our favorites from the CRMR Kitchen that make for a wonderful and easy family dinner  that will put a few extra minutes back into your day:


Get creative with your curry:


Red Curry Lemongrass Sauce - CRMR Kitchen- Calgary

If curry-inspired dishes are a common family favorite, a great way to mix things up and delight taste buds is with the CRMR Kitchen’s Green Curry Lemongrass Coconut Sauce or Red Curry Lemongrass Coconut Sauce. For the dish pictured above, we simply cooked mushrooms, shrimp, snap peas and rice. From there we mixed everything together with the rice and the Red Curry Lemongrass sauce, then topped it with carrots and green onions. The best part about this recipe is that it will taste great the next day too!


Ready-made dinners without the prep:



There is nothing better than putting something in the oven for it to come out perfectly cooked and delicious. The Buffalo Tourtiere Pie or Bison Shepherd’s Pie come full of vegetables, meat and delicious natural ingredients. Who knew cooking dinner and getting other things done on the side could be so easy? Serve with a simple tossed salad or a veggie tray, along with a side of our Heirloom Tomato Ketchup and dinner is ready to go!


Delicious Chili to warm you up and get you out the door:


Buffalo Ranch Chili - CRMR Kitchen - Calgary


Chili is a common dinner staple, but often comes with a great deal of prep time and shopping around for the right ingredients. Wouldn’t it be easy if there was a chili that was prepped and ready to cook without all the fuss? We think so too! The CRMR Kitchen Buffalo Ranch Chili is a tasty take on a classic, that is a treat to prepare. Simply thaw and heat in a sauce pan and enjoy. If you’re feeling really adventurous, top with some freshly grated cheese, a slice of crusty garlic toast and dinner is served!


Mushroom Soup - Cilantro - CRMR Kitchen - Calgary


So there you have it – three delicious dinner ideas that are fast and easy to prepare, without skipping out on the nutrition your family needs. Aside just these three options, the CRMR Kitchen also offers a number of tasty treats that work great for families on the go. Pizzas, soup & stocks and even Lobster Mac n’ Cheese are just a few items that save time in the kitchen and make time for what’s most important in life – spending time with family and friends!

To pick up these items in store, please visit Second to None Meats in Mission and Willow Park or Blush Lane in Aspen Woods and Bridgeland.

From our kitchen to yours, happy cooking!

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